Who is TravelPay?

TravelPay is owned by Zenith Payments, a leading payment facilitator with years of experience across many industries, including travel. TravelPay currently provides simple payment solutions to over 1000 Travel Agents in Australia.

Zenith Payments is 100% Australian owned and operated and has extensive travel experience through:

  • operating as an established payment processor and innovator in the travel industry; and
  • senior management experience in agency and airline leadership roles.
Zenith Payments processes over $1 billion per annum in payments for businesses, schools, childcare centres, real estate agents and travel agents.

Zenith has a blue chip pedigree having, in recent years, sold its loyalty business, Pinpoint, to MasterCard. Pinpoint was recognised as the world’s largest loyalty company.

Payment and transactional facilities are provided by ANZ, American Express and others with whom the operators of Zenith have partnered on a range of cardholder initiatives for over 20 years.


Zenith Payments operates leading payment processing and prepaid card brands, including:

Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards
Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards are ideal for cashback, incentives, rewards, commissions and corporate gifts.
Make your company stand out by personalising your corporate cards with ease and flexibility.


B2Bpay is an innovative payment portal where SMEs can pay all their business expenses by credit card to boost cash flow and earn reward points.


An alternative way for travel agents to process their clients credit card payments