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About Us

Travel Pay is owned by Zenith Payments which is the leading payments and prepaid card provider in Australia.

Zenith Payments was previously owned by Pinpoint – the world leader in loyalty and credit card programs with 100 million customers, 50,000 merchants and 25 banks. Pinpont was sold to Mastercard in June 2014 at which point Zenith Payments separated from the Group and became independent.

Zenith Payments has been operating since 1984

We have numerous blue chip clients with an average tenure of 10 years

Best-in-class service standards

For more information please visit Zenith Payments

*Zenith Payments Pty Ltd operates other payments processing and prepaid card businesses:
Rental Rewards School EasyPay ChildCare EasyPay Thoroughbred Payments
TravelPay Universal Gift Card Gift Card Store PropertyPay
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