Customer to Agent Payments.
  • TravelPay is a secure online payment portal that offers a variety of payment solutions to the travel industry at no cost to the agent. 
  • You can accept credit card payments, hassle free and securely, through your own branded customer payment link. 
  • TravelPay offers API website integrations. 


Agent to Supplier payments.

  • TravelPay B2B in partnership with CATO enables travel agents to make secure bank account payments to travel suppliers and tour operators.  
  • Enjoy the convenience and ease of making and receiving payments by secure bank account processing.  
  • TravelPay B2B is available to all travel agents and travel suppliers / tour operators, including those who do not currently use TravelPay’s customer-to-agent payment solution and non-CATO members. 


Trusted by Travel Agents and Travel Suppliers across Australia including:

About us

TravelPay – leaders in travel payment solutions 

TravelPay is a secure level 1 PCI DSS solution.

TravelPay is owned by Zenith Payments, a leading payment facilitator with over 17 years of experience across many industries, including travel, schools, real estate and more. TravelPay currently provides easy and secure customer-to-agent payment solutions to over 1,000 travel agents across Australia. 

Zenith Payments is 100% Australian owned and operated and has extensive travel experience through: 

  • operating as an established payment processor and innovator in the travel industry; and 
  • senior management experience in agency and airline leadership roles.