Pay your travel expenses using your American Express Membership Reward points

20,000 Membership Rewards = $100 worth of travel

Use your Membership Rewards points when paying over 1,000 travel agents and operatorsChoose points only, or a combination of points plus payment, on your card. 

Agents using the TravelPay online payment solution are located across Australia and offer a full range of domestic and international travel products.

Whether you’re looking for flights, accommodation, tours, cruises or more, there’ll be an agent to find a great deal for you.


How to Pay with Points

1. Visit or call your nearest TravelPay travel agent who will help you find the travel options you want.
2. Tell the agent you want to pay with points using TravelPay and they will send you a link to their TravelPay online payment page.
3. Complete the online payment process with your American Express® Card.
4. When the SafeKey screen appears, select the option to ‘Use Points’. Confirm the amount and click ‘Use Points’. You can even choose points plus payment.
5. The amount you confirmed will appear as a credit on your statement within 72 hours. 

Find a travel agent

Find a travel agent near you where you can pay with points with TravelPay.  

Using Membership Rewards® Pay with Points with SafeKey® 
Using Pay with Points with TravelPay: 
Pay with points with TravelPay is available with travel agents who accept payments using TravelPay’s online payment solutions and when you, the primary card member, process the payment using the TravelPay online payment page. Pay with points is available on all payment pages that are hosted by TravelPay (the URL will start with pay.travelpay.com.au) and if the travel agent software utilises the TravelPay payment plugin. 

Eligibility to ‘Use points to pay with SafeKey’: 
You can ‘Use points to pay with SafeKey’ if You are the Primary Card Member of an Australian issued American Express® Card; Your Card is enrolled in the Membership Rewards programme; and Your Card account is in good standing (i.e. not overdue or in collection). Supplementary Card Members are not eligible to Use points to pay with SafeKey. 
Using ‘Use points to pay with SafeKey’: 
The minimum redemption value is 1,000 Membership Rewards points. The maximum points redemption is the lower of the total transaction value or the total Membership Rewards points. The number of rewards needed for a credit may vary over time. The points required for the credit value will be displayed during the redemption process, prior to submission. 
The full transaction amount will be charged and appear on your account and the statement credit for the value selected will appear within 72 hours of the charge (this may not be the full transaction amount). The credit may not appear on the same statement as the full charge. In this case, you must still pay the amount due on your statement, and the credit will apply to charges on your next statement. 
Returns & refunds. If required, contact your travel agent who can refund the transaction using TravelPay. If you subsequently obtain a refund, the refund amount will apply to your Card account. Membership Rewards points are not reimbursed automatically. In the event of a refund, you may keep the credit, but if you prefer reimbursement of Membership Rewards points, please call American Express on the number on the back of your Card. 
The card terms and conditions continue to apply when you Use points with SafeKey. You must continue to make payments as outlined on your Statement of Account and in your Card Member agreement, even when you ‘Use points to pay with SafeKey. All Membership Rewards points are subject to the Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions available here.
American Express may change or suspend the ‘Use points to pay with SafeKey’ feature for any reason and at any time without prior notice, including when a Card account is not in good standing (overdue or in collection). 
For more information, see Pay with Points FAQ’s at: https://www.americanexpress.com/content/dam/amex/au/benefits/use-points-with-safekey/faqs.pdf