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Why choose TravelPay for ACS?

TravelPay, the first approved provider under the new AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS).

  • Fast set up to get you active on the ACS scheme
  • Payment solutions at no cost to agent:
    • Online Payment Portals
    • Physical Card Terminals
    • Layby Payment Instalments

Benefits to the Travel Agent:

  • No-cost payment processing solutions.
  • Fast set up to get you active on ACS.
  • Innovative payment methods – in office, online and more.
  • Saves time with online customer-initiated payments.
  • Office branded online payment portal.
  • Reduces security concerns – no need to receive, handle and store card details.
  • Sell more with innovative layby options.
  • No bond required.

Benefits to the Travel Customer:

  • Saves time with easy payment options.
  • Saves hassle with multiple payment methods available – in office, online and more.
  • All cards are accepted.
  • More secure with no need to email/call credit card details to the agent.
  • Pays for travel the affordable way with instalment options.

Payment methods:

Payments can be processed by way of a range of methods at the choice of the Travel Agent:

  1. Merchant WebPay – in-agency online payments:

Travel agent staff member can login to an online payment page to process a payment.

  • Print/email confirmation to the customer after the transaction
  • Individual staff logins
  • Payment history for the agency
  • Agent branded
  • Device optimised, including for PC, tablet, mobile.


  1. Public WebPay – customer processed online payments

Customer processes payment via online payment page.

  • Customer can be directed to the page by:
    – Payment link on agent quotes and invoices
    – Agent websites and emailed payment links.
  • Print/email confirmation to the customer after the transaction;
  • An email alert to the agency when the payment is processed;
  • Payment history for the agency; and
  • Device optimized, including PC, tablet, mobile.
  • Agent branded e.g.


  1. Card Terminal – card present in-office payments

Card terminal in agency office.

  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, EFTPOS.
  • Multiple terminals per office available if required.
  • Processing fee automatically added based on card type
  • Print confirmation to the customer after the transaction;
  • Enables refunds and pre-authorisations
  • Additional fees and terms may apply to terminals.


  1. Instalments – Layby payments

The agent can choose to offer layby payment plans enabling their customers to pay over 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 months.

  • Agent receives the full travel amount upfront
  • Provides an affordable payment option to customers*
  • No cost to the agent.
  • An affordable way to pay
  • Customer uses their own existing Visa or MasterCard


  1. Other payment methods, if required

Other methods include Direct Debit (bank or card), Batch payments, API triggered payments, Travel Club payments, etc.

* Layby terms are subject to specific approval T&C’s. Full amount of layby must be 100% refundable prior to final payment being made.

About TravelPay:

TravelPay is operated by Zenith Payments, a leading payment facilitator with over 12 years’ experience across many industries, including travel.

Zenith Payments is 100% Australian owned and operated and has extensive travel experience through:

  • operating as an established payment processor and innovator in the travel industry;
  • its previous ownership of Pinpoint Travel Group; and
  • senior management experience including in agency and airline leadership roles.

Our local TravelPay BDM team have over 100 years combined experience in the travel industry and can assist you with:

  • agency AICS sign-up;
  • agency on-boarding;
  • face-to-face team training;
  • payment process improvement; and
  • advanced support.


More information

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