Earn Qantas Points for your business with TravelPay

TravelPay has partnered with Qantas Business Rewards to reward travel agencies for simply getting paid*. Travel agents earn Qantas Points for their business every time eligible customer payments are made using TravelPay. Whether you receive payments using TravelPay in-office, on-invoice or via our travel software integrations, you can earn Qantas Points for your business. 

What can you do with Qantas Points?

The Qantas Points you earn with TravelPay can be used to reward yourself or your employees with flights, upgrades, hotels, wine or to purchase products at Qantas Marketplace.

How to earn Qantas Points for your agency?

1. Open a TravelPay account to transact card payments
2. Join Qantas Business Rewards free here (ABN must be same as TravelPay account)
3. Start using TravelPay to receive payments and earn Qantas Points for your business

Join Qantas Business Reward here for free, save $89.50 

(ABN on your QBR account needs to be same as your TravelPay account)

Join Now

* A business must be a Qantas Business Rewards Member to earn Qantas Points for business. A one-off join fee of $89.50 including GST normally applies, however this will be waived for TravelPay agents using this link. Membership and Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Business Rewards Terms and Conditions. Qantas Points for business are offered under the TravelPay Merchant Terms and Conditions. TravelPay agents earn 1 Qantas Point for every $20 of customer payments made by customers using VISA or Mastercard that are transacted using eligible TravelPay payment solutions. All offers exclude failed or refunded payments and may not be available to businesses on enterprise or special pricing plans. Qantas Points will be credited to the Members’ Business Rewards account 90 days in arrears following the eligible spend. Any claims in relation to Qantas Points under this offer must be made directly to TravelPay by emailing [email protected]. Travel agents must ensure that the ABN registered with Qantas Business Rewards is the same ABN used on their TravelPay portal in order to earn Qantas Points.